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FoodPrints is an educational program of FRESHFARM Markets that integrates gardening, cooking, and nutrition education into the curriculum at Peabody and Watkins. Watkins was an inaugural participant in the FoodPrints program, which has since been expanded to many other school campuses. Watkins students even cooked with then-First Lady Michelle Obama in 2016.

In FoodPrints students help to grow fresh food on site at each Peabody and Watkins and learn about the life cycle of plants and the health benefits of various foods. Each class ends with students enjoying the dishes they have helped to grow, harvest, and prepare. The students then take the recipes home to share with their families. Through this program students broaden their understanding of biology and appreciate foods they may not have even tried in other contexts. Some student favorite recipes include tuscan kale salad; swiss chard, tomato and goat cheese pasta; and herb white bean dip.

For more information or recipes please visit the FoodPrints website.