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About Watkins

Laying a Foundation for Lifetime Learning

Watkins provides a challenging and engaging learning environment for our first through fifth grade students. Building on the strong foundation laid at Peabody, the school develops well-rounded students who work collaboratively and recognize their role as members of a larger community. The curriculum focuses on critical thinking skills and conceptual math, and teachers emphasize the application of numeracy and literacy to real-world situations. Teachers use multiple methods to teach each skill, and encourage students to explain and discuss their approach to solving problems. Five special subjects – art, music, library, Spanish and physical education – reinforce and enhance the academic curriculum, and Watkins offers extracurricular offerings such as basketball.

A Positive Environment

Watkins employs Responsive Classroom, a research-based approach to education that encourages cooperation, empathy, responsibility, self-control, and collaborative problem solving. The Principal Advisory Board, comprising students in grades 3-5, regularly meets with school administration to develop ways to enhance school culture and pride.