• Peabody (202) 698-3277

  • Watkins (202) 698-3355

  • Stuart Hobson (202) 671-6010

Watkins Arrival & Dismissal


Students are allowed into the building at 8:10am (students assigned before care are permitted to enter earlier). Students eating breakfast pick-up their breakfast upon entering the cafeteria. When finished, students join their classroom peers in their designated spot.

Upon arrival, students proceed to the gym/cafeteria and line up with their classroom. At 8:40 am, all teachers report to the cafeteria/gym to greet their students. School begins at 8:45 am.


Dismissal begins at 3:05 pm. Students are dismissed in the following order:

  • 2:50: Early Dismissal End Time
  • 3:05: Bus Riders
  • 3:08: Aftercare
  • 3:15: Walkers/Car riders (walkers will be released first, followed by car riders)


Students riding buses (Peabody-Watkins shuttle, Bolling, etc) are escorted to the gym. Students exit the building through the gym to board the buses parked on E Street.


Each grade-level has a designated duty teacher and classroom. Aftercare students remain in the classroom until 3:25 pm. Students are then escorted to the cafeteria. The duty teacher remains with them until dismissal ends at 3:30pm. Aftercare snack time begins at 3:30 pm. The playground, cafeteria, and technology is shared by DPR and FLEX.


Car riders are dismissed to their assigned dismissal classrooms:

  • 1st Grade: Room 105
  • 2nd Grade: Room 125
  • 3rd Grade: Room 205
  • 4th Grade: Room 310
  • 5th Grade: Room 405

CAR RIDERS exit the building through the 12th and D Street exit only. Once parents or designated caregiver pull up in the car-rider lane, Watkins staff outside will radio for students to come out. There is no northbound parking on 12th Street in front of our school after 2:45 pm. This lane is reserved for families utilizing the car rider pick-up lane.

WALKERS exit the building through the 12th and D Street exit only. All students who walk home (unescorted) will be held in their assigned grade-level classrooms until staff announce their release via walkie-talkie. Parents picking-up students are welcome to come into the school to retrieve them from their assigned classroom. Students can also be called via walkie-talkie to meet you at 12th and D St.