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School Uniforms

Our Stuart-Hobson students wear a uniform each day to show their Panther Pride and comply with school guidelines. Please see below:

Uniform Policy

  • Long or short-sleeved solid red polo shirt with or without logo
  • Khaki pants worn at waist level (including a belt if needed to maintain this).
  • Shorts, skirts/shorts/jumpers must be no higher than two inches from the top of the knee.
  • Cloth (other than the bandana print, see “Not Approved Apparel” section) used as a headband, as well as plastic, leather and other materials.
  • Comfortable shoes or sneakers.
  • Plain black cotton sweatshirts without hoods (front zip or pullover) and knit vests may be worn; our school logo is required on all sweatshirts and vests.  All sweatshirts, vests, and long sleeved shirts must be without embellishments of any kind, including non-school logos, artwork, metal, etc.
  • Purses no larger than the student’s hand may be carried in the building.

Not Approved Apparel /Other

  • Except for religious purposes, no head coverings (hats, scarves that cover the head and/or face, and “bandana” style (at right) scarves.
  • No open-toed shoes, sandals, flip flops or Crocs.
  • No hoods are permitted on pull over or zip front sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Metal studs on headbands and other accessories are prohibited.
  • Outerwear (vests or jackets made of fleece or other coat-like materials) is not to be worn in the building and must be placed in the student’s locker upon arrival.
  • No PE uniforms (red plain or CHCS Spirit wear t-shirt and black shorts) worn outside.
  • In order to protect our gym floor, no black-soled, black-bottom shoes. Purses larger than the student’s hand.
  • Make-up
  • Earrings larger than a quarter coin.
  • Khaki colored leggings / tights (worn in place of Khaki pants).