• Peabody (202) 698-3277

  • Watkins (202) 698-3355

  • Stuart Hobson (202) 671-6010

PTA Budget and Grants

Each Campus Executive Committee act like a “mini-PTA” running its own discretionary grant program, and working with families and teachers to help advocate for their needs. Cluster teachers and  staff are eligible to apply by completing the online form before one of the deadlines.

Focus Areas of Funding

Proposed projects should advance one or more of the following focus areas of funding:

    • Enhance the school or classroom climate
    • Support teaching and learning
  • Infuse creativity or project-based learning into students’ experiences at the Cluster

Proposal Deadlines and Applications

Peabody grant application

Watkins grant application

Stuart-Hobson grant application


Campus Executive Committees consider proposals, consult applicants and campus administrators as needed, discuss how to prioritize proposals, and vote on proposals.