• Peabody (202) 698-3277

  • Watkins (202) 698-3355

  • Stuart Hobson (202) 671-6010


About the PTA

The Capitol Hill Cluster school was created by neighborhood families who were seeking excellence in public education, and the growth and success of the Cluster schools is closely aligned with the time and talent donated by parents as volunteers and as members of the PTA. One of the cornerstones of the Cluster school philosophy is parental involvement.

All of our parents are asked to make a commitment to their child’s education by volunteering in the classroom, gardens, libraries, theatre, and FoodPrints kitchen; chaperoning field trips; fundraising; serving on the PTA board; or participating in other important activities.

What the PTA Does

  • Provides communications tools to keep families connected to the Cluster (website, email listservs, social media)
  • Holds monthly meetings to share current school initiatives and policy changes
  • Organizes large-scale fundraisers to support our school
  • Coordinates bus service between Watkins and Peabody
  • Organizes volunteer and community events (Family Fun Night, Cluster Goes Out to the Ball Game, Teacher and Staff appreciation activities, and more)

Campus Groups  

Through Campus Groups at each of our campuses, parents have more direct decision-making at their campus by:

  • Offering grants that allocate a significant amount of PTA funds at the campus
  • Helping with campus projects/programs to enrich and improve learning and school culture