• Peabody (202) 698-3277

  • Watkins (202) 698-3355

  • Stuart Hobson (202) 671-6010

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Update for the 2019-20 School Year

Thanks to your wonderful support and advocacy, the shuttle will continue to connect the Watkins and Peabody campuses.

The shuttle registration period for the 2019-20 school year will be open August 1-10. Following the registration period, families will receive confirmation of a shuttle spot. As in years past, those who do not receive a spot initially will be put on a waitlist.

Spots will be distributed via first-come, first-served basis. Updates regarding the shuttle bus will be shared on the Peabody and Watkins Google Groups, as well as this website.  The registration link will be available in both places by 10am August 1.

Updates regarding the shuttle bus will be shared on the Peabody and Watkins Google Groups, as well as this website.  The registration link will be available in both places by August 1.

Shuttle Policies

The bus is in high demand, and we want to ensure that families who need this service on a consistent basis will be able to use it. This year, if registered student bus riders do not ride the bus at least 3 days a week over a 3 week period, their bus spots may be offered to students on the waitlist. Our Parent Bus Coordinator is monitoring student ridership and she will reach out to families who do not ride the bus consistently. 

Bag Tags

Each student who is riding the bus will receive a “bag tag” (similar to a luggage tag) on the first day of school. This tag will include the student’s name, homeroom teacher, and family contact information. This is to ensure that we can quickly identify students across campuses and reach out to families, if needed (if a student is not picked up from the bus on time, etc.). Please assist us in keeping this tag on your child’s backpack during the school year!

Seat Belts

As you may know, the bus service between Watkins and Peabody is provided through DCPS. One of the requirements for transporting young students is that they travel with safety restraints, which have been installed in the bus already. Students in PK3 – 2nd grades will ride a bus with seat belts. Those in PK3 and PK4 will be placed in 5-point harness seat belts. Students in PK3, PK4, and K will receive daily assistance from the bus monitor in buckling their seat belts. 

Student Bus Rules & Behavior

During the first weeks of school, the bus driver, bus monitor, and school staff will teach students the rules and expectations on the bus. 

The bus is considered an extension of the school day, and all school rules apply at all times. Please note that students may receive school-issued consequences for incidents that occur on the bus. Additionally, a student may be suspended or completely removed from the bus if there are repeated or serious infractions.

Students must follow all school agreements. Specifically, Peabody-Watkins Panthers should Be Kind, Show Respect, and Have P.R.I.D.E. Expectations are as follows:

  1. Follow all directions from the driver and monitor.
  2. Stay in your seat.
  3. No eating or drinking.
  4. No yelling or interfering with other riders’ safety.

Parent Rules

In order to ensure student safety, an on-time school arrival, and a positive bus experience, families must adhere to the following rules: 

  1. Say goodbye to your child before he/she boards the bus. Parents ARE NOT able to board the bus before departure.

    We know that the first weeks of school can be difficult for some of our students, particularly those in PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten. Peabody staff will be on the bus for the first few weeks to greet our Peabody students and ease their transition to school.

  1. Once your child is on the bus, please move away from the bus so that other students can board the bus. Students love to wave goodbye to their family through the bus windows!
  1. For the morning route from Watkins to Peabody: Peabody students are not able to board the bus until Watkins students have gotten off. Please do not line up at the bus door until the bus is empty and the bus monitor is ready to greet you. Please follow the direction of Peabody, Watkins, and/or bus staff to line up.

Peabody:  202-698-3277

Watkins:  202-698-3355

How it works

The Peabody-Watkins Shuttle transports students between the two campuses.


At Peabody, pickup and drop-off will be at the front entrance (425 C St NE).
At Watkins, pickup and drop-off will be on E St SE at the corner of 12th and E St.

Morning schedule

Peabody -> Watkins: Board at 8:00 am and depart at 8:10 am

Watkins -> Peabody: PK3/4 board at 8:10 am while K boards at 8:20 am. The bus departs at 8:30 am.


Students must be registered to ride the shuttle in order to ensure rider safety and help prevent truancy.  Each student must be registered individually.  There is no fee to ride the shuttle.

Inclement Weather/Late Bus

In the event of a late bus, parents will be notified by email.  On days that school starts on a 2-hour delay due to inclement weather, the bus will operate on a 2-hour delay. On half-days the bus will operate at the early dismissal time.


Registration questions

Stacy Skelly & Gina Faranda, PTA Parent Bus Coordinators

School/bus policy/operations questions
Katrel Angry, Assistant Principal, Watkins