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Curriculum & Partnerships

Nurturing Our Youngest Students
With an environment that is designed around the needs of the Cluster’s youngest students, Peabody provides a nurturing, developmentally-appropriate beginning to students’ school experience. Using Responsive Classroom techniques, teachers and staff encourage cooperation, empathy, responsibility, self-control, and collaborative problem-solving.

Children leave our early childhood campus with strong foundations in literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. All classrooms are staffed by a teacher assisted by a paraprofessional, and Peabody offers a full complement of wraparound services, including dedicated special education teachers, before- and after-care, art instruction, library, physical education, and music.

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
Peabody serves 235 students in three Pre-K3, four Pre-K4, and five Kindergarten classes. Children learn through a variety of teacher-led and independent activities, including a daily morning meeting and student-chosen center time. Play is an important part of every day, with ample recess time and special classes to keep students moving, while a daily rest period gives our littlest ones some quiet time each afternoon.

Arts Integration in Action
Peabody’s arts integration program uses the visual and performing arts as a teaching tool. Students have studied and created projects inspired by specific artists and their culture.